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Texas-FundraiserOn June 4th everyone who goes to Texas Roadhouse on Colonel Glen Highway in Fairborn between 4 pm and10 pm with one of the attached flyers20 % of their purchase will be donated to IHN. That means a $20 meal will put $4.00 into serving the needs of displaced families. We ask that you copy the fliers and get them out to your group, place of worship, office, gym or anyplace people will be. This is a great way to introduce new people to IHN as well as help IHN meet the needs of our clients. This is a great pre-run meal for those running in the 5k Saturday.
You can help IHN out a great deal by running off a few copies or forwarding this information to those you know who may be interested in either or both events. We will also have fliers at the Schneider House of Hope facility, on our Face book page, our web site or see one of our Board members.