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Join us on Saturday, June 26 for the Second National Night Without a Bed Virtual Sleepout!   The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County (IHN), and their affiliate organization Family Promise, invite you to participate in a nationwide social media campaign to raise awareness and support for homeless families with children.

Consider the experience of Abby, an eight year old girl whose family was homeless. She never expected she’d be doing her homework in a motel room every night. But when her dad lost his job, her family had to give up their home. They moved into a motel, and Abby went from having her own bedroom to sharing one room with her entire family. It was hard for her to focus on school or imagine a happy future.

Abby is not alone. Did you know that 1 in 16 children in the U.S. experiences homelessness by the first grade? They and their families can be found sleeping in motel rooms, with friends, or even in their cars. And kids who face homelessness suffer in other ways, as well. They’re more likely to have problems in school and frequently change schools, and lose opportunities to do the things that we take for granted like joining sports teams, attending summer camp, or participating in youth groups through church or other organizations.

How can you participate in the Night Without a Bed to show you care about homeless families like Abby’s and want to raise awareness for their situation?

Put up a tent in your back yard. Make a fort in your living room. Wrap up in blankets on the sofa or in a sleeping bag on the floor. Give up your comfortable bed for one night and share the experience with friends and family. Post photos of your Night Without A Bed on social media with hash tags (#IHNGreene and #NightWithoutABed and #YouthContest or #AdultContest) and describe your experience as you were telling a friend about the night. Then, share your post with family and friends to show your support for families battling homelessness!

And, the #NightWithoutaBed event is also a fundraiser and registration is now open for
individual and group fundraisers! Visit this SITE
 to register as an individual or family, or on behalf of your congregation. Click the “Fundraise” button to sign up, add your own story and photo, and get a personalized link to share through email or social media. If you would like to make an individual donation, please click the “Donate” button.

You can win prizes for participation! Win a gift card from a local Greene County business by developing the best social media post (youth and adult categories) or be entered in a raffle just
by registering online for the event!

Click HERE to REGISTER and be added to our event list!!

If you have any questions about the event, please email info@ihnofgreeneco.org or call IHN at (937) 372-0705.