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Greetings Friends of IHN,

Whether you were aware of this or not something great has been in the works to further the services of IHN.
Desai 1On Sunday 9/6/15 Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene Co. became the owners of a new building and many new possibilities to serve our communities displaced families.

Dr. Manoj Desai M.D. and his wife Dr. Priya Desai D.M. D. donated the building at the corner of West Second St. and Bellbrook Ave. (101 Bellbrook Ave.) that had housed their practices for many years. Drs. Desai have retired from their practices and desired to give back to the community. Part of their dream is to see their building used to care for the hurting and homeless in our community. We at IHN are honored and humbled that they have chosen us to be a part of this vision.

Desai 4Our immediate plans are to develop part of the building into a learning/counseling center for both clients and care givers. We have several other ideas for using this property as well so with all of these ideas we are prayerfully going forward seeking what is the most useful way this building can be used to meet the needs of our families.

The new building will be called, “The Desai Center- Interfaith Hospitality Network.”

Thank you and many blessings Dr. Manoj and Dr. Priya Desai for your generosity.

Stay tuned for further developments as we proceed to put this building into service.


Staff and Board of IHN/Schneider House of Hope