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About Us

A Community Response for Homeless Families

IHN started hosting the homeless families in The Schneider House of Hope at 124 S Detroit St. starting June 27, 2010. The National Interfaith Hospitality Network is a national, non-profit organization that assists religious and community organizations in developing and operating Network programs. The Greene County IHN has been open since 1995. Our goal is to alleviate homelessness by fostering the development of Networks that provide shelter, meals, and assistance for homeless persons, and that increases community involvement in direct service and advocacy.

Our Mission

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County is a nonprofit ministry committed to uniting the religious community in Greene County to provide shelter, meals and assistance to homeless families. Our mission is to reach out as messengers of God, reflecting His unconditional love with compassion and acceptance, providing help, hope and a safe haven for our guests while they seek permanent employment and affordable housing.