IHN Ambassadors Needed!

We need your help! The IHN Board and our staff are asked to speak at many functions during the year—days and evenings. It is hard to say ‘no’ to folks whose interest is in helping our clients and understanding our mission. Like our clients, we have to make hard choices and sometimes we must say ‘no’ when we really would rather say ‘yes!’ You can help by being an Ambassador and be willing to speak for us when we cannot. We’ll provide the presentation and the information—you just need to be our Ambassador, as frequently as you are willing and able! Please call us or email us to volunteer to help spread the word about IHN!

IHN Board Positions Open!

IHN is in need of a “Corporate Secretary” and a “Director of Communications”. The Secretary assist the Board by recording minutes and providing input at Board Meetings. The Director of Communication prepares this newsletter and other communications and overseas the website content. No web-skills needed.

For information or to volunteer, contact us by phone or email: 937-372-0705 or info@ihnofgreeneco.org

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