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Volunteer Opportunities

The three main ways to actively volunteer at SHOH/IHN.  Check out the opportunities below!


  • Overnight Host:   The overnight host serves from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. Our morning staff arrives at 6:30 am weekdays and 7:00 am on week ends.  The hosts basically “house sit” during this time ensuring that there is someone here representing the Staff and Board at all times. They make calls in case of an emergency, make sure everyone is in their rooms at 9:00 pm and in general keep the peace, reporting to our morning staff any difficulties that may arise during their stay. We also encourage our volunteers to get to know our clients. We serve people from many different walks of life and it is often very interesting to share experiences with them vice versa.  Our host room is clean and neat with two beds, a private half bath, television, and of course access to the web via our wireless internet system. All bedding is laundered each day and the room is cleaned thoroughly to provide the best overnight stay we can provide.  Our building is secure so there is no late night entry without the hosts knowledge and we have a built in security camera system that is monitored in the host room. We take every precaution to provide for a safe and comfortable stay in SHOH for our volunteers as well as our clients.  If you or your group would like more information or would like to have a presentation for your group about the work here and volunteering, please feel free to call IHN at 937-372-0705.


  • Evening Meals:   Another opportunity for those who wish to help here at SHOH is by providing and preparing evening meals. In this case the volunteer(s) put together a meal, whether it is one person or several, and deliver it to IHN around 5:15 p.m. We encourage our volunteers to stay and help our staff serve the meal and get to know our clients, although this is not required.  We send out a timely reminder to all meal volunteers so that they are aware of the number of people they are to prepare the meal for.  We also have alternative foods for those clients who may have allergies or who have finicky eaters in their family so that our volunteers do not have to bring back up food.


  • Special Projects:   There are often maintenance projects at SHOH/IHN to work on: refurbishing rooms, cleaning, painting, landscaping.  These opportunities allow families, groups, and individuals to work together. Volunteers are what make SHOH/IHN successful!


Group Volunteer Coordinator

In order for SHOH/IHN to provide the services we do on a modest budget we rely heavily upon volunteers to take care of the needs. We have groups from about 14 different churches, a fraternity, several para-church organizations, service clubs and civic groups that participate on a rotating schedule to volunteer as overnight hosts, bring in evening meals, and help with maintenance and other areas of service.

In order to make this happen we need a coordinator for each church, group or club. This person will work with our staff to coordinate your group’s skills and efforts with the needs of our clients. The Volunteer Coordinator will interact with volunteers, guests, and SHOH staff. This person usually has good communication skills, can recruit effectively, is flexible, and acts with diplomacy. His or her role is not limited to one specific area, but requires a good team of volunteers to help manage their group’s volunteer opportunities. If you would be interested in being a volunteer coordinator or get your group connected with SHOH/IHN please call us at 937-372-0705.

Contact our offices at 937-372-0705 if you would like to help and download the Volunteer Orientation Packet for more details.