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We have implemented a fund raising program called the “One-and-One Challenge!” The One-and-One Challenge! is simply agreeing to donate one hour of support ($42) and one hour of time, each month to IHN for one year. At the end of the year you will have contributed to one full (12-hour) day’s operation and provided much needed volunteer support. Perhaps this is a service project for your organization or a church wide challenge between Sunday School departments. You can just imagine “Seniors versus students”..!!!

IHN is desperately in need of increased operating funds to continue our mission. We commit to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. The One-and-One Challenge! provides an opportunity for you to continue to help the homeless in Greene County—Are you up to the Challenge!..?

Ways to play….

Mail your $42 on the first of each month – mark your calendar! Next chose how you will support the ministry with your time:
1. Pray for IHN two minutes each day (1 hour per month)
2. Prepare a meal and deliver it during your church hosting week (2-3 hours)
3. Be a church host in the evening (3 hours) or overnight (~12 hours)
4. Shop for items needed at the Schneider House of Hope and drop them off at your church during hosting week (1-3 hours).
5. Volunteer for one of our many positions and opportunities by calling the office at (937)372-0705.

When you reach 12 hours you are done with your commitment and will have sustained IHN for one day of the year! What a blessing you will be to others, and what a blessing you will receive!