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image1We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Makaila Saylor and Chelsea Hoff. They have done an exceptional job at making cookie jars and selling them to raise money for IHN. They are such caring and kind young ladies. We really appreciate everything that they have done. If you are interested they still have about 48 cookie jars left; mainly snickers and cranberry delight recipes. They are selling them for $7 apiece. All of the money sold from those jars will go directly to IHN.

This is the third year Makaila and Chelsea and Giving Every Season have donated 100% of the profit or $10,000 to area nonprofits.  Each of the last three years they have donated 5,000 to IHN and another 5,000 to other nonprofit groups such as Daybreak, Owen’s Place, and this year Greene Bucs, a local chapter of AmBucs, distributes AmTrykes to disabled children and disabled veterans to expand their mobility and independence for transportation, exercise and leisure.

They are the founders of an organization they have called “Giving Every Season to the 4th Power” or GES4. (Winter Spring, Summer, Fall) Their mission is to encourage others to ‘give’ each season. People may ‘give’ of their time, talent, and/or resources to support persons in need in their own community and beyond as an expression of the love of Christ.