You can help provide our guests with needed items

Our Guests have many needs. The Schneider House of Hope can accept donations of goods to help meet these needs. Paper products like toilet paper, facial tissues, and feminine hygiene products are good choices. Many of our guests are school ageĀ children who need school supplies.

Please call 937-372-0705 for specific needs at any given time.

Many of our guests will have need of furniture, appliances, cookware flatware, dishes, towels, and bed linens when they move into permanent housing. However, we have no space to store these items.

If you have these items to donate please call us. But, if we do not have an immediate need we hope you will be able to store the items until there is a need. We will try to keep your items on an availability list and call you as the need arises.

We can always use prepared or prepackaged after school snacks and food items and paper products such as toilet tissue, C fold hand towels, roll paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues.

Please bring your gifts to the

Greene County IHN Schneider House of Hope

124 S. Detroit Street, Xenia, Ohio 45385