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In 2016 we served 37 Families in house. These families were comprised of 46 adults and 54 children. There were 25 children ages 6-18 yrs. old and 29 children were 5 yrs. old or less.

In 2017 we served 32 families in house. These families were comprised of 106 individuals. Most of our clients are children and we served 62 children (under18), 28 of these children were 5 years old or younger.

All told we were able to assist these families with about 6,000 bed nights (5,809).

We annually serve over 300 individuals that never come into our shelter but we are able to connect them with agencies and other shelters that better suit their needs and circumstances.

The success rate of our clients moving out into permanent housing ranged between 60% and 70%.